Beware of mobile photos

Curious story. The New Yorker John Clennan had his mobile stolen because the car was left overnight without closing. The model of the mobile is a Sanyo 5500, which sends the photos and videos made with it to a web space enabled for each client by the telephone company. So John decided to visit his website to see if there were any new photos, and that's how it was: the thief had taken photos of himself dressed and naked, with women and their relatives. He also discovered an email account where the thief had sent himself some photos.

After an exchange of messages, in which the thief claimed that he had not stolen the mobile, and that it had been found in a corner, John decided to publish the photos (you can see them in the link below, although they have removed most) and go to the police, the first thing he did was laugh at the absurdity of the situation. They are supposed to find the thief with the email account, although it seems that they are not paying much attention to the robbery.

So you know: if you find a mobile phone, be careful with the photos you take.

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