Dell Mini 3i now available ... in China and Android

It seems that the expected Dell mobile with Android has already reached the market, although for now only in the Asian market, more specifically in China. It's called the Dell Mini 3i, and it comes with some surprisingly average features.

First of all, the screen is most interesting. We find 3.5 inches, touch, capacitive and with a surprising resolution of 360 × 640 pixels. For example, the iPhone screen has the same size but a lower resolution, 320 × 480 pixels, so the difference is considerable and makes the Mini 3i one of the highest resolution phones on the market today. It uses an Android-based operating system, one of the strongest aspects of the terminal

However, the weakest point of the new Dell Mini 3i is connectivity. It only has 2G mobile connectivity and does not have WiFi, so it will already win many enemies who will not hesitate to reject it. It looks like a mobile destined to be powerful but in offline applications, locally, and it also changes course with respect to what we see most commonly: high-performance mobile phones developed almost exclusively for use with a mobile data rate.

The rest of the Dell Mini 3i's features are a 3.2 megapixel camera with flash LED integrated, miniUSB connector and integrated microSD card reader. For now it has not been made official, so we can not confirm the full list of specifications.

As I said at the beginning, the Dell Mini 3i, which I remember will be the first Android-based Dell mobile, will only be sold in China (at least for now), and everything points to it being made official tonight.

The price is still unknown, although what does seem clear is that it is aimed at users who are not the most advanced or demanding on the market. its target It is a group a lower level, and that is that leaving connectivity aside, which to be honest is quite poor, it is a good mobile with a system, Android, which gains new followers every day.

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