Dell and Telefónica announce a strategic alliance, Dell Mini 5 for any of its operators?

Dell and Telefónica yesterday announced a strategic alliance to start offering connectivity and communications solutions. In the statement there is no reference to anything concrete, but it looks like Dell is going to supply devices to some of the operators that the Spanish company has in Europe.

The demand for devices with Internet access and connectivity to the operators' data networks is increasing, and we are not necessarily talking about mobile phones, because apart from the recently introduced Dell Aero, the American company also has a tablet for 5 inches which is causing great expectation. We are talking about the Dell Mini 5, also known as Streak, and which is also a mobile phone.

Dell logically is also interested in putting its products in the hands of an operator that can take advantage of them, in the US they have already allied themselves with the operator AT&T, and with regard to Europe, both 02 in the UK, and Movistar in our territory They have a good line-up as they have a significant number of clients and a powerful infrastructure.

I have had the opportunity to read some media, such as Pocket-lint, in which they have contacted Dell to ask about the phone, and the answer is that they do not plan to remove it from the US market, so the possibility that we are speaking of Dell Mini 5 gains strength.

The alliance that we announce in the news is a reality, but the rumor mill that is forming around Android devices must be treated with the care it deserves. Be that as it may, some important fruit has to come out of it, and we hope to tell you soon.

Official site | Telefónica. More information | Pocket-lint.

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