Download applications for a Nokia with Ovi Store

Ovi Store, the store for downloading and buying applications and services for Nokia phones, is now fully operational. The process has dragged on but we already have it here.

The stores of applications for mobile phones are going to be fundamental in the success or failure of some operating systems and therefore of the phones that integrate them. iPhone and Android are already ahead, but the other protagonists are not going to be left behind.

In the case of Nokia's Ovi Store, the concept of the application store is framed within a global concept of mobile services, with an important social component.

Ovi Store, how do I start using it

The easiest way to start using Nokia's Ovi Store is to go to the Nokia phone Downloads option and look for the Ovi Store icon, as shown in the image below. This will download the application to directly access the service.

It is important to have the date updated on the phone so that you do not give us certificate problems. It has happened to us and it has been solved by placing the current date well. The language appears in English because we have a phone with that configuration.

Ovi Store, what can we find

Once the application is downloaded, we already have access to the Nokia store. To download applications, tones or images we must have an account in the service. It is done very fast. Once identified, we can now browse the diverse content of the Ovi Store, consisting of applications, games, audio and video, resources to personalize the phone, recommended and my downloads.

In each service we can read comments from other consumers (if any) and obtain the appraisal of the application that we want to download. The file size also appears and we can even send the link to a friend from the same screen.

As for the organization of content, in the options we can sort the content by most popular, most recent, recommended for me, only free, paid or even by channels and categories.

Ovi Store, how downloads are paid

In Ovi Store we can find free and paid downloads. Prices are very varied, from less than one euro to more than 15.

To pay we can choose a credit card or charge the purchase to our mobile phone bill. No Paypal for example. Note that data traffic is not logically included in the price of the application or service.

Ovi Store, user experience

Coming from services such as the Apple Apps Store or the Android Market, the Nokia Ovi Store seems to us to be just another application of a mobile phone from a while ago. The user experience is not close to that of the two commented giants, but it is a much-needed step forward for Nokia.

Now, they are far behind and until we see the movement of the developer community we will not be able to assess the scope of this bet against its most direct and powerful rivals.

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