GPS is strong on the iPhone

With the presentation of the "iPhone OS 3.0": https: // several manufacturers of GPS navigators announced the prompt release of guided navigation applications to the market by voice for the Apple terminal, including TomTom and ALK Technologies.

Navigon was the first to launch it and "they were already testing it in Applesfera": https: //, and now it is ALK that has launched CoPilot Live, although at the moment they only offer the version with the maps of the United Kingdom.

The reason for highlighting this application is, basically, for its price, much cheaper than Navigon's. While this costs 70 euros with the maps of Spain, CoPilot Live It has a price of 34 euros with the maps of the United Kingdom, also including all the functionalities of this GPS navigator, such as lane assistant, speed alerts, turn directions, ...

It also offers functions that take advantage of your connection to the network, such as the weather forecast for the next few days or CoPilot LiveLink, to know the position of our contacts. In a short time, they will also offer real-time traffic status.

But for many it will be more interesting to know the price that the TomTom pack for iPhone. Although it has not yet been officially announced, a store allows you to book it now for about 132 euros. It is not too high considering that it comes with a base with speaker, charger and improvements in satellite signal reception.

Thus, the iPhone begins to catch up with its rivals, such as Windows Mobile, which have long had these options.

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