IPhone 4G could come with 720p HD video recording

Update: iPhone 4, you will see it better in every way.

Or at least it has all the ballots to do it, as it appears from the latest beta of iPhone OS 4.0, from which other features such as new textures in the multitasking management screen or new controls for the iPod function have already been leaked.

And it is that in the development library of the software of the future iPhone 4G a couple of revealing lines have been found that seem to promise video recording in high definition 1280 × 720 pixels, in addition to a recording mode VGA at 640 × 480 pixels:

AVCaptureSessionPreset640 × 480

AVCaptureSessionPreset1280 × 720

A feature, which added to the indications of the new screen resolution, seems to confirm the rumored possible new name of the phone: iPhone HD.

We must also remember that the 5 megapixel camera with flash is another of the most popular features, so it would not be strange for Apple to give its phone a boost in the photo / video section, which it already lacks.

Multitasking, better screen, more resolution and quality for photos and videos and a new design seem to be Apple's new weapons to continue to lead smartphones from the end of June. We will see if they finally come true.

Without a doubt, good news for those who are eagerly awaiting a more in-depth review of the Apple phone, although in this sense it lags behind other mobile manufacturers.

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