IPhone working as a GPS navigator

It was strange that none of the great manufacturers of software navigation would have offered an iPhone application before that turned it into a GPS navigator. It was TomTom for iPhone, shown yesterday at WWDC’09, which launched this market segment expected by many users, but not the only one.

With this application, they will offer the vast majority of features that we are used to in this manufacturer's browsers: smart routes, voice-guided navigation, points of interest, ... as well as Tele Atlas maps in both 2D and 3D.

Of course, taking into account the considerable amount of battery consumed by the Gps iPhone, having a system to connect it to the car battery, which also allows us a good display and support, would be the most convenient. They will also offer it with a kit for the car, which will arrive in mid-August, although for neither of the two options have they yet indicated the price.

Navigon is the other manufacturer that has announced the next availability of its MobileNavigator solution, which they will offer in two options. One, free, will have cartography and points of interest, but not guided navigation.

The other will be the full version and the one that turns the iPhone into a browser. Gps, with functions such as the lane assistant, speed warnings, Reality View Pro, ... operating both vertically and landscape mode and integrating with the contact list, being able to select addresses extracted from it.

Like TomTom, Navigon has not indicated what price its software navigation.

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