The Lenovo Ophone comes true

The first rumors emerged a lot of months ago. Now, the Lenovo Ophone is very close to reaching the market, although its exact date is still unknown.

The Lenovo Ophone, or Lenovo Mobile O1, would have a 3.5-inch touch screen and a resolution of 480 × 240 pixels, a 5-megapixel camera and a 624 processor. MHZ., Among the most common in high-end mobiles. As for connectivities we find 3G (HSDPA? Not yet confirmed), Gps integrated and WiFi, although with respect to the latter technology it is said that it would come disconnected, since the Chinese government, where it will initially go on sale, wants to promote the implementation of mobile data networks.

It is also said that the Ophone will see the market in the next month of September, for a price not yet confirmed and only in China. Of course, as expected, it will be Lenovo's first mobile phone with Google's Android system, with a good list of custom applications by Lenovo as well as a redesigned system interface, in the style of the HTC Sense of the Hero that we could already see in our analysis.

Hopefully it will reach the rest of the world soon.

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