The LG GM730 arrives with an LG app store

Announced at the last 3GSM fair in Barcelona, ​​we already have the official launch of the LG GM730 mobile. And it comes, as expected, with the Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system.

But the launch of the LG GM730 has been accompanied by a small surprise: it is also launched at the same time, in early July in Asia and later in the rest of the world, the LG application store, which will provide programs to its phones and it will join the one that all mobile phone manufacturers already have. We will see how many hold on the market in a few months with the push of Android and Apple.

Regarding the LG GM730 phone, we can ask little more of a phone that does not come to compete with the big ones but to complement them. Complete a host of good features with the power of LG's S-Class interface and its now famous three-dimensional cube.

With a 3-inch screen and a resolution of 400 × 240 pixels, a 5-megapixel camera, WiFi, HSDPA and bluetooth, its size is compact, with a thickness of less than 1.2 cm.

More information | LG.

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