The Motorola Milestone arrives in Spain with Android 2.1

Motorola begins its presence in the MWC 2010 from Barcelona with a pleasant surprise: the Motorola Milestone arrives in Spain.

The Motorola Milestone will be the first terminal with Android 2.1 that is available in our country. It will do so in March with a free price of 500 euros, with which we will also take a multimedia base, which turns the Milestone into an alarm clock, a multimedia player or a digital photo frame. We will see what operator can be obtained as well.

We can therefore have among us one of the most attractive terminals on the market, in which we not only have a large 3.7-inch touch screen, but a keyboard is included QWERTY slider and 5 megapixel camera with flash LED dual, all with a thickness of less than 14 mm. One more candy in the interesting advanced mobile phone market.

As you can see in the image above, which represents the Milestone with its multimedia base, the 3.7-inch high-resolution multi-touch screen is the strong point of this terminal powered by a Cortex A8 processor. It is very big, a pleasure for the eyes.

But the strong point of the Motorola Milestone is that a keyboard has been integrated very well QWERTY Ideal physical to manage all the information and communication that Android 2.1 allows us. He GPS, the electronic compass, WiFi connectivity or CrystalTalk technology are its other strengths.

We can buy the Motorola Milestone in Spain in March for free for 500 euros. A navigation car mount will also be available as an optional accessory. GPS and hands free.

More information | Motorola.

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