The Nexus One is uncovered with a video

Little will Google have to show of the Nexus One when they want to present it. Not something else, but the presentation campaign is going well. Much interest in the network and the most advanced consumers and early adopters you already have it in your list to follow.

What we can see now is a video with the operation of the interface, in addition to the appearance of the terminal.In Xatakamóvil they also have a gallery where the size of the Nexus One is compared with other terminals such as the Apple iPhone or the HTC Hero.

Android 2.1, constant motion

In the video and photos, one of the terminals with which the Google Nexus One is compared is with the Apple iPhone. It is inevitable to do so and we can see that the phone manufactured by HTC is thinner and apparently light than the Apple model, which urgently needs a redesign because I think it has fallen behind in that field.

Observing the operation of Android 2.1 in the video, we are also convinced that the iPhone's operating system is experiencing a slower rate of updates than Android, surely its current rival, and we do not know how long it will last. They took the big step a couple of years ago but they have to react.

Meanwhile, Google and its allies androidians They do not stop showing news and give a feeling of constant movement. In fact, the progress of its application store is quite remarkable, already reaching 16,000.

Nexus One, the screen promises

Despite the fact that it seems that the Nexus One will not be able to multitouch at the moment (it is quite likely that it will be solved), the user experience that we can see in the video of its operation we liked. And part of its success is due to the screen, which is large and bright, responsive to touch and looks great.

BGR image. Track | HTCNexusone.

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