The Nokia 6820 with Blackberry email

I find out from that Telefónica began to market a few days ago, for the moment exclusively, the mobile mail service in the Nokia 6820. A new model that uses the technology of the Blackberry (Connect) system to easily receive and send emails. Will this become a standard application within mobile phones ?, I trust not because otherwise the emails will haunt us "to infinity and beyond", although I am sure that every day we will have more phones with this functionality.

The case is that this model is in addition to those of Blackberry (6720, 7230, 7100v the last only Vodafone) and the PalmOne Treo 600 that Vodafone and Telefónica sell with this application. The 6820 has 3.5 megabytes of memory, an integrated camera and a folding keyboard, added to which is an HTML browser as well as bluetooth and hands-free. It has an autonomy of ten days or seven hours in conversation. The services currently offered with the Blackberry at Telefónica have rates of 25 euros per month with a transfer capacity of 5 MB, and one euro per mega that exceeds that limit.

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