The new digital canon, the new great deception

Miguél Michán comments on it in Applesfera, where how is he not focused on the world of Apple. Here in Xataka, things are much more important to us, and of course we are going to consider this news very important because it can generate great income for those who have not earned it.

And of course, we refer to associations such as the SGAE, which together with some others will reimburse a whopping 110 million euros with this Intellectual Property Law, of which some 50 million income stand out thanks to the digital canon on the discs optical (CDs, DVDs, etc., between 0.17 and 0.44 per unit), 7.65 million in the sale of mobile phones (1.50 euros each), about 7.50 million only in MP3 / MP4 players (3.16 euros per unit), and another approximately 9.5 million in CD and DVD recorders (between 0.60 and 3.40). These are simply the most significant items, from which I have excluded photocopiers and printers, which make up about 40% of the total, which amounts to, tie the males: 110,675,010 euros. So, without doing anything.

And this will start counting from January 2008. Surely manufacturers will slightly increase the price so that this fee ends up being paid by consumers. Honestly, I do not want them to live thanks to me and without lifting a finger, so we will have to start buying all kinds of gadgets abroad.

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