The Oppo N1 will have a touchpad on its back

The Chinese manufacturer Oppo has been showing its ambition in the market for some time: first it was its Oppo Find 5 - one of the firsts with a 1080p screen - and its arrival in Europe, then the Oppo R819 with a pure Android version, and now the Oppo N1 , from which it already begins to filter details.

The most interesting, the presence of a touch panel on the back. A unique idea that goes a step beyond the LG G2 - with its power buttons and volume control also on the back - and that according to the company will allow it to be handled much more powerfully.

It is especially curious how to advertise that feature without giving many details. While in the first advertising image the back of a woman appears, in the second one a roll of toilet paper appears, which of course gives rise to many interpretations, some more eschatological than others.

The Oppo N1 will be the successor to the Oppo Find 5, and among the previous rumors it was pointed to the presence of a Xenon flash for its camera and an image processing chip specially oriented to the use of the camera in low light conditions. We will see if Oppo manages to really surprise when it shows this promising smartphone on September 23.

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