The Puma Phone takes to the track ready to run with whoever

Puma (yes, the sports brand), has presented a mobile phone in Barcelona. With the name it has had no problems, because it is called Puma Phone, and neither is it for its recipients, since the most social athletes are its potential customers.

The Puma Phone is manufactured by Sagem and is a terminal with rounded shapes and with control centered on the capacitive type 2.8-inch touch screen and resolution 240 × 320 pixels. Being a sports gadget, both some specifications and applications have been created specifically for it.

For example, the Puma Phone has Gps, pedometer, compass and integrated applications to record our workouts or outdoor sports activities. The different touch compared to the options of Nike or Adidas is found on the back with solar cells that help us to recharge the phone in an ecological way.

Despite running as a mobile to accompany us while we play sports, the multimedia field is not neglected and we have, for example, a 3.2 megapixel camera and flash LED. The social aspect is taken care of with direct access to Twitter or Facebook clients.

The Puma Phone, which can recharge the battery for almost an hour of phone use with another hour of direct sunlight, goes on sale in April for 400 euros.

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