The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 returns with the "Fan Edition", what has changed?

The gigantic fiasco experienced with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 due to a problem with the batteries caused that the sales of this high-end terminal had to be withdrawn from the market immediately.

At Samsung, however, they have rescued much of that launch with the Galaxy Note Fan Edition, a special version that precisely makes use of a different battery to solve the problems posed by the original model. In iFixit they have gutted this new model and they reveal in detail that and other changes made.

Smaller batteries to minimize risks

The Galaxy Note Fan Edition (the nickname "Note 7" disappears entirely in this relaunch) is sold for the moment in South Korea, but it may be that if the terminal does not give problems there, the sales will spread to other regions of the market.

In the image that heads this article you can see the Galaxy Note 7 and the Galaxy Note Fan Edition facing each other, and it seems that the only thing that changes is the design of the antenna, but in reality there are important differences in terms of the battery integrated in the new terminal.

In the new models a 12.32 Wh battery is included instead of the 13.48 Wh of the original model, but there are also physical differences: it is smaller (37.4 x 97.2 x 5 mm in the Fan Edition by 37.9 x 97.8 x 4.9 mm The idea, as can be seen in the tolerance curve, is to reduce the total volume of the battery to avoid risk cases such as those that affected the Note 7 that caused so much trouble a few months ago.

Of course that does not completely guarantee that the problems will disappear, and as indicated in iFixit only time will be able to confirm if the Galaxy Note Fan Edition behaves as it should.

There are no more changes in a model that maintains the same processor and the same camera, and that has probably lost interest when many are waiting for that Note 8 that promises important improvements such as the first introduction of a dual camera.

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