The Samsung Galaxy S6 could sell 55 million units this year according to analysts

Tomorrow the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are put on sale, and various analysts believe that this will be the terminal that manages to reposition Samsung as an absolute benchmark for high-end Android. Some of these analysts estimate that the number of terminals distributed in 2015 could amount to 55 million units.

In these figures, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will have less relevance and Samsung will probably lag behind the demand and will not be able to produce the terminals with those flexible screens at the rate that users would want. This was stated by the company's co-CEO, Shin Jong Kyun, at a recent conference in Seoul.

S6 prepares to break records

The sale will take place tomorrow in 20 simultaneous countries, but that availability will quickly expand to other regions, and for example in China it will start selling just a week later, on April 17. Keon Han, of the consulting firm Credit Suisse Group AG in Seoul and one of the most reputable analysts in relation to Samsung, indicated that "the manufacturer, the operators and even the users agree: the new Samsung phone is different from previous models.

The first reviews that have been received from the Samsung Galaxy S6 are really positive - we will offer you our own analysis very, very soon - and everything points to the S6 becoming a device with record sales. This was also stated by Lee Sang - Chul, responsible for sales of mobile devices at Samsung.

Samsung will distribute (which will not sell, watch out) 49.8 million units of the Galaxy S6 according to a recent Bloomberg survey of 8 analysts, a figure clearly higher than the 38.3 million that were launched the first year in the case of the S5, although less than the 65 million that were distributed in the first months of launching the successful Galaxy S3.

You already know that tomorrow both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will go on sale in our country, and our colleagues at Xataka Móvil have dedicated an exclusive topic to discovering where these cheaper devices can be obtained by analyzing the different operators they will offer it to their clients. In Spain, Samsung managers claim that they have received 100,000 reservations from these terminals, with a demand of 50% for each, something surprising for those managers due to the price of the Edge. If you are considering that purchase, there you have all the prices and plans available at your disposal.

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