The Samsung N150 boasts LTE connectivity in Barcelona

Although some ultraportable tales are going through the MWC 2010 fair, they have nothing to do against the Samsung N150 that moves its line and striking colors through the corridors of the Barcelona fair with the label of the first laptop with LTE technology incorporated as standard.

All the yard bullies With their integrated 3G connectivity, however much HSPA + they are, they have little to do with this equipment that comes with the LTE chipset modem designed by Samsung itself.

The Samsung N150 as a team does not discover anything that we did not know before: 10-inch anti-glare screen, Atom processor and battery that promises to last us up to 8.5 hours.

Its strong point is to have become a final product that will be commercialized shortly and that the operators who are deploying this technology already have a resource when it comes to giving real use to LTE connectivity.

More information | Samsung.

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