The SPV C500 in Spain

The SPV C500 is not a new mobile phone, in fact it has been in operators around the world for some time, however it is news because we may see it soon in Spain, following the purchase of Amena by France Telecom, and the consequent transformation of this in Orange. Without going into the subject of what this will or will not entail at the level of prices and services, what interests us is that a good part of the company's mobile phones will enter Spain, and one of which is the smartphone that we present to you.

The SPV C500 runs on Windows Mobile, with a very sharp 176 x 220 pixel screen and 65,000 colors. It incorporates support for miniSD cards, Bluetooth, infrared and USB, in addition to being a third generation. To top it off it includes MP3 support. Among its software, the XHTML browser stands out, and the typical Windows Mobile programs.

Of course we don't know the price or anything, as this is supposed to take time. However, we believe that it is good news that quality and alternative mobiles are being introduced to what we are used to seeing here in Spain.

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