Amazon's phone won't arrive ... this year

One of the unknowns we had for Amazon's event last week was the phone. The rumors were very strong the hours before the presentation last Thursday, and it was almost the only doubt that there was every time that the renewal of the Kindle Fire saga was sung and the arrival of the Kindle Fire HD and Kindle PaperWhite was more than logical .

The possible arrival of an Amazon phone dates back to the end of last year. After the foray into the tablet market with enough success, the arrival of a phone by Amazon was only a matter of time.

With their tablet they have shown that, coming from the content market, they are able to offer level hardware with a special touch that no one else can offer for now: the adjusted price, hoping to compensate with content the possible losses from their sales. Going from the tablet format to the phone and empowering the own application store that has enough support from developers is indeed on its way.

Jeff Bezos himself has confirmed it in an interview, although for now he does not put that possible smartphone from his company Amazon on the market until 2013. But as the meigas, the amazon phone have it there. It is only a matter of time and who knows if to acquire any company. RIM It has always sounded strong.

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