Nokia's spy phone

We have come across this amazing Nokia spy phone. It is a model similar to the Nokia 3330, but with added features that make it a dream for any spy: the phone has two phone numbers, one that normally works to make and receive calls, and another secret number to which when called the phone answers automatically and without indicating it in any way. Thus, the spy calls that secret phone number, the phone automatically answers and the spy will be able to listen to everything his victim does without her noticing.

At Wireless Imports they have this phone for the modest price of $ 1,800 (about 1,340 euros).

Honestly, we were a bit surprised by the news; We have searched this phone on the Nokia website and we have not found it, so we have had to do a little more research.

Well, by browsing a little more we have finally reached the source of this phone. This is the Italian company Endoacustica, dedicated to the sale of security and surveillance products (for example, the microcamera of photos in photography). Among other products, Endoacustica is dedicated to adding spy functionality to any Nokia, Siemens or Panasonic phone.

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