"I don't even know what I'll have spent on bleach": the listeria outbreak company talks and stuns experts

The Health Alerts and Emergencies Coordination Center has just announced that it is paying close attention to the UK because there is what could be the first case of the outbreak of listeriosis abroad from contaminated ground meat.

And while the outbreak is internationalizing, the statements of José Martín, the manager of Magrudis, the company that manufactured the contaminated products, only increase doubts about the way of working of the company that has caused the largest outbreak of listeriosis in the country. .

As if that were not enough, this afternoon, the Andalusian Superior Prosecutor's Office has opened a criminal investigation for the listeria outbreak that, presumably, will end up settling the responsibilities of the matter.

Stupor among experts

José Marín, the manager of Magrudis, has spoken in recent hours with various media such as ABC or Antena 3 to defend his "scrupulous way of working". However, phrases such as "I don't even know what I will have spent on bleach" or "if they find bacteria in an operating room, how can it not be in my factory", have been greeted with stupor by professionals in the sector.

In the past few hours, another source of contamination had been found in the baking carts. This, like that of the tinsers, was in moments prior to baking so there were two options left: either the oven temperature was not correct or there was a later focus. However, the company's statements denote a profound ignorance of food safety standards and practices, according to experts.

And it is, indeed, surprising to hear those phrases of who is the first person responsible for ensuring that food is not contaminated. Today, the regulations that regulate the meat industry require that products be fully monitored from the beginning of processing until it reaches the supermarket shelf.

And the responsibility for product control and traceability falls on the industry itself. Among the practices carried out by producers is that of the annual "mock blocking": a test that allows evaluating the company's ability to block any product throughout the country in less than four hours. It is clear, in light of what happened, that they were not able to do it for a week.

The outbreak about to become officially international

An Englishman who consumed this product in the middle of the month in Seville and was diagnosed in France when he returned to his country seems to be, in the absence of final analysis of the strain, the first international case of the outbreak.

Fernando Simón, the director of the CCAES has explained in the Cadena Ser that we must prepare ourselves because there may be more cases."Obviously, cases from other countries are going to come out now, since once they receive the information they will have to differentiate it from the listeriosis they have at the national level," he said.

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