In three days Apple will talk about the future iPhone OS 4

Apple does not want to stop being in the media and is already preparing its next blow to get everyone's attention. And the number he has assembled is one of those that promise: teach us what we can expect from the next version of the operating system of his iPhone phone.

The iPhone OS 4, or better, what this new version could bring us when it is time to go out, predictably for the summer and accompanying new hardware, will be released in three days according to an invitation that the apple brand is already sending to media, including Gizmodo.

If you had April 8 as free on the agenda, aim to spend some time in Applesfera that day because we will do a live coverage of everything Steve Jobs and his companions have to show us. And so its rivals, mainly Android, are moving should show a lot of progress. Surely you have your requests for Apple in that regard, although we imagine that they will be in line with what the brand has always been asking for the operating system of your phone.

In Applesfera | Apple will show us iPhone OS 4.0 at an event this Thursday.

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