Is it the iTunes Phone?

A new episode of this rumor has appeared in a financial presentation by Motorola, and that is that in a completely unofficial way images were shown of what could be the next and highly anticipated Apple product, the iTunes Phone. And we say it could, because at this point Apple has not yet confirmed anything regarding dates about its launch.

Despite all this, AppleInsider shows images like this of what could be the news of summer in the mobile world. In these images the name of the product or any type of feature that it has is not shown at all, it simply appears next to other Motorola models such as the Razr V3 or the Pebl. The only thing that makes you think that it could be an iPhone, in case this product really does see the light of day, is the logo that appears in Motorola before analysts from Morgan Stanley (leaders in financial and marketing techniques) appears on the screen of the new terminal.

Anyway, we will only have to wait, since among the possibilities that are being considered is that it is only a form of joint marketing between Motorola and Apple, that it is a simple prototype of those that are made hundreds before a final product or that is use to see public acceptance.

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