Spain already has autochthonous cases of the coronavirus: a Sevillian patient becomes the first local infection that we know of

The Andalusian Government has just confirmed that, almost certainly, the 62-year-old patient admitted to the Virgen del Rocío Hospital is the first known case of autochthonous contagion of the coronavirus. The patient, who has been hospitalized for six days, had not recently traveled abroad or had been in a population at risk.

From Wednesday at 13:30 the authorities are trying to locate all the contacts that the patient had to ensure control of the disease and try to trace the route that the virus followed until reaching the infected Andalusian. At the moment, 10 people remain admitted and the total number of cases in Spanish territory rises to 12. However, with the Sevillian case the hypothesis that there are many more cases in development gains weight.

An indigenous case?

So far, all diagnosed cases had either been contracted abroad or originated from someone who had contracted the virus in some risk area. In this sense, this case is different: for the first time, and in someone admitted six days ago, the link with the outbreaks is not direct.

What does this mean? In the best scenario, nothing: the researchers will find the direct link with the outbreaks and we will be able to isolate the exposed people. In the worst case scenario, we are faced with the confirmation that, for days, the virus had been moving around the country undetected and in the coming weeks numerous cases will appear in hospitals. Be that as it may, we will have to wait.

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