This device promises a self-diagnosis of HIV in minutes and is made of recycled plastic

British designer Hans Ramzan claims that the leading cause of death in 90% of developing countries is HIV, and that 2.5 million people become infected with HIV each year due to various external factors that are often outside of your control.For this reason, he created a device that would help to have an early diagnosis of HIV so that he could act and receive adequate treatment, in addition to avoiding the spread of the virus.

It is a small device that has been made using recycled plastic, which has what it takes to self-diagnose HIV in just a few minutes, according to Ramzan.


The device is called 'CATCH' and Ramzan says that it can be a viable and inexpensive solution for people to know if they have HIV immediately without having to go to a hospital, and that is that many infected people usually live in remote areas so It is difficult to have a timely diagnosis.

Ramzan claims that the production cost of 'CATCH' is about $ 5, and is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures for several months without affecting the diagnostic kit or test result.

The device allows simple blood collection to analyze a sample for HIV antibodies. As explained, 'CATCH' has what it takes to place the finger, disinfect it and insert a needle, so that later an indicator shows on one hand that the test is working and on the other if it is infected with HIV.

At the moment 'CATCH' is a proof of concept and Ramzan is looking for companies interested in producing it on a large scale, as well as institutions that can bring it to these remote areas where it is necessary to have an early diagnosis of HIV to avoid future infections and offer a proper treatment.

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