HBO Spain releases in July 2020: all new series, movies and documentaries

This month there are a few interesting news in the HBO series section, most of them loading the inks on drama and social criticism. From his own production 'Por H o ​​por B' to the luxurious miniseries 'The Honorable Woman', through the intriguing procedural 'Prodigal Son'. However, and as it couldn't be less in such an eminently summery month, July's heavy artillery on the platform comes with plenty of classic, escapist and refreshing films.

Complete sagas such as' Alien ',' Back to the Future ',' The Crystal Jungle ',' Behind the Green Heart 'or' Clash of the Titans', accompanied by a few impeccable classics such as' Dirty Dancing 'or' The Princess fiancee'. And keep an eye on the increasingly powerful offer of HBO Kids: the movie of 'Teen Titans Go!', The two 'How to train your dragon' and the sensational 'Thundercats Roar' are some of the proposals of the channel not to leave from home throughout the month.

Catalog of new series in Spain

'Prodigal Son'

Produced by Greg Berlanti, demiurge of The CW's DC series, 'Prodigal Son' is a unique approach to the world of procedural, with a touch of criminal psychology more pronounced than usual. Malcolm Bright (Thomas Payne) is a forensic psychologist with extensive knowledge of how the mind of a murderer works: as a child he discovered that his father (Michael Sheen) was a serial killer who had killed 23 people. When a new murderer is imitating his methods, he will have to meet up with him in prison to help him catch the new criminal. Suspense with elements from 'The Silence of the Lambs' to spend a few hours on the edge of the seat.

  • Premiere on July 3

'Metalocalypse' T1-3

Little by little HBO Spain is taking control of the best of Adult Swim, the prestigious animation channel for adults. 'Metalocalypse' is one of its icons, and offers both a tribute and a parody of extreme metal life. Its protagonists are Dethklok, the most famous heavy metal band in the world, and the names of its members make it very clear that they are very hard: Nathan Explosion, Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Pickles, William Murderface and Toki Wartooth.Enveloped in a life on the edge of rock, exaggerated and insane, the fictional band became so popular that an authentic metal band was created to perform their songs, release albums and tour. Perfect to see with horns pointed at the sky.

  • Premiere on July 24

All series in July

  • 'Prodigal Son' (3/07)
  • 'Trigonometry' (07/03)
  • 'The Honorable Woman' (07/10)
  • 'Dollface' (07/17)
  • 'By H or by B' (07/22)
  • 'Burning Bush' (07/23)
  • 'Metalocalypse' T1-3 (07/24)
  • 'Room 104' Final season (07/25)

Premiere movies on HBO

Saga 'Alien'

In a month brimming with entire sagas of popular film myths on HBO, the crown jewel for horror and science fiction fans is the original tetralogy of 'Alien,' meaning the four installments leading up to 'Prometheus' and 'Covenant'. The perfect excuse for a xenomorphic binge, from the masterful absolute horror of the foundational delivery adrift towards the action of James Cameron in the second part, through the irregular but highly prized delivery of David Fincher or the increasingly vindicable comic book of CI - Jean-Pierre Jeunet's European fi.

  • Premiere on July 1

'Back to the future' saga

Another classic science-fiction saga that hits HBO this month in its entirety, is a little more familiar, uniform, and possibly absolutely closed. This is the trilogy of "Back to the Future", three monuments to the best escapist cinema of the eighties, a very intelligent adventure of time travel that is influential and dazzling for its continuous capacity to surprise. From the first, an entire institution overflowing with iconic moments to the conclusion in the key of western, passing through the first sequel, of satirical science-fiction in its purest form, a trilogy through which the years do not pass (paradoxically).

  • Premiere on July 24

All movies in July

  • 'Alien' (07/01)
  • 'Aliens' (07/01)
  • 'Alien 3' (1/07)
  • 'Alien Resurrection' (07/01)
  • 'The Crystal Jungle' (07/01)
  • 'The Jungle 2: Red Alert' (1/07)
  • 'The Crystal Jungle III: Revenge' (07/01)
  • 'After the Green Heart' (1/07)
  • 'The Jewel of the Nile' (07/01)
  • 'The War of the Rose' (1/07)
  • 'The club of the dead poets' (1/07)
  • 'The sweetest thing' (07/01)
  • 'Special bodies' (1/07)
  • 'The last exorcism 2' (1/07)
  • 'Three days to kill' (07/01)
  • 'Enemy at the gates' (1/07)
  • 'A star is born' (2/07)
  • 'Comanchería' (07/03)
  • 'Wrath of the Titans' (07/03)
  • 'Castaway' (07/03)
  • 'The circle' (3/07)
  • 'Villaviciosa next door' (3/07)
  • 'The Young Billionaires Club' (3/07)
  • 'The Grimm Brothers' (07/05)
  • 'Kiki, love is made' (07/10)
  • 'The hour of the spider' (07/10)
  • 'The Collector of Lovers' (07/10)
  • 'Megalodon' (07/14)
  • 'The soul of the party' (07/14)
  • 'Dirty Dancing' (07/15)
  • 'The promised princess' (07/15)
  • 'Back to the future' (07/24)
  • 'Return to the future. Part II '(07/24)
  • 'Return to the future. Part III '(07/24)
  • 'Clash of the Titans' (07/24)
  • 'Sabotage' (07/24)
  • 'Kill Them Gently' (07/26)
  • 'Outlander' (07/26)

HBO Kids

  • 'Fantastic Animals and Where to Find Them' (07/01)
  • 'Peppa Pig' S4 (07/01)
  • 'SpongeBob: A hero out of water' (07/03)
  • 'How to train your dragon 2' (3/07)
  • 'The Crazy Cars' T2 (3/07)
  • 'How to train your dragon' (07/05)
  • Thundercats Roar (07/10)
  • 'The Adventures of Peabody and Sherman' (07/10)
  • 'Shaun the sheep. The movie '(07/10)
  • 'Grizzy and the Lemmings T2 (07/17)
  • 'Bee Movie' (07/19)
  • 'Teen Titans Go! The movie '(07/21)
  • 'Fantastic Animals: The Crimes of Grindewald' (07/22)
  • 'Doraemon and the dog kingdom' (07/24)
  • 'Doraemon' S8 (07/31)

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