Netflix Releases July 2020: 79 Original Series, Movies & Documentaries

Netflix has no less than 79 premieres in a month in which a few action-adventure productions stand out with women who are little friends of the contemplations in front: 'The warrior nun', 'The old guard' and the second season of 'The Umbrella Academy 'are going to provide us with a healthy dose of summer frenzy without the need for excess testosterone. But that is not all.

This month we have a couple of classic Schwarzenegger releases ('Total Challenge' and 'Terminator 2 - Judgment Day'), a Japanese series based on the classic j-horror 'Ju-On - The curse', the conclusion of 'The cable girls' and some Spanish suspense with 'Offering to the storm'. A lot of summer variety for a month that we detail below.

Catalog of new series in Spain

'The Warrior Nun' - S3

It inevitably remembers 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', but with a convent of teenage nuns, and filmed in Spain (which makes part of the cast also from here, like Tristán Ulloa or Joaquim de Almeida, accompanying the protagonist, Alba Baptista). But everything else is here: the story of a chosen one, massacre of demonic supernatural beings, a human adult mentor ... this adaptation of a Ben Dunn comic promises fun, rampage, irreverence and a lot of creatures of hell reduced to ashes .

  • Premiere July 2

'The Umbrella Academy' T2

Ellen Page continues to lead the cast of this superhero series with an indie air inspired by the Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá comic. This time the team is transferred to Dallas in the sixties, but with a peculiarity: each one does so at a slightly different time point. When Number Five, responsible for the whole mess, reaches that time, he sees the apocalypse. The team's new task will be to prevent it, in a colorful new adventure full of pop references.

  • Premiere July 31

All Netflix series in July

  • 'Unsolved Mysteries' (07/01)
  • 'iZombie' S5 (07/01)
  • 'Teen Titans Go!' S5 (07/01)
  • 'Cleo & Cuquin': S2 (07/01)
  • 'Boy Bun Bun: A Handyman Monkey' S2 (07/01)
  • 'Deadwind' S2 (07/01)
  • 'Say Yes - Surprise Weddings' (07/01)
  • 'Abby Hatcher' (07/01)
  • 'Wild District' (07/01)
  • 'The Warrior Nun' (2/07)
  • 'The mystical terrace' (2/07)
  • 'The cable girls', final season P2 (3/07)
  • 'Ju-On: Origins' (07/03)
  • 'Survival kit. Put to the test '(3/07)
  • 'The Kangaroo Club' (07/03)
  • 'Hook' (4/07)
  • 'The Underclass' (07/05)
  • 'Hakan: The Protector' S4 (9/07)
  • 'The collapse of Japan: 2020' (07/09)
  • 'Hello ninja' S3 (07/10)
  • 'The amazing adventures of Captain Underpants in space' (07/10)
  • 'From appointment to appointment: Brazil' (07/10)
  • 'Dark desire' (07/15)
  • 'Skin change: Before and after' (07/15)
  • 'Indian Matchmaking' (07/16)
  • 'Damn' (07/17)
  • 'The challenge of the kiss' (07/17)
  • 'How to sell drugs online (at full speed)' T2 (07/21)
  • 'Street Food: Latin America' (07/21)
  • 'Love on the autistic spectrum' (07/22)
  • 'Signs' (07/22)
  • 'Good Girls' S3 (07/26)
  • 'Transformers War for Cybertron: Siege' (07/30)
  • 'The Umbrella Academy' S2 (07/31)

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Premiere movies on Netflix

'Total challenge'

Among the avalanche of Hollywood blockbuster movies arriving on the first day of the month, this paranoid science-fiction classic is directed by Paul Verhoeven and based on an account by Philip K. Dick. An authentic explosion of ultraviolence, subversive messages, jokes of a line and traditional special effects that continues to endure the passage of time perfectly thanks to its forcefulness, in a blockbuster of those who are (literally) no longer seen.

  • Premiere July 1

'The old guard'

It is the new Netflix blockbuster, perpetually groping for new franchise opportunities. This time it brings the film world to none other than Charlize Theron and Chiwetel Ejiofor ('Black Panther') and the ever-infallible superhero stories, with an association of immortal mercenaries taking on one of their kind. Inspired by the Greg Rucka comic, who is also in charge of the script for the project.

  • Premiere July 10

All movies arriving in July

  • 'Total challenge' (1/07)
  • 'A.X.L.' (1/07)
  • 'Under the Riccione Sun' (07/01)
  • 'Twister' (07/01)
  • 'My private Idaho' (07/01)
  • 'The age of innocence' (07/01)
  • 'The punishment' (1/07)
  • Table football (07/01)
  • 'The Midnight Meat Train' (1/07)
  • 'Life sentence' (07/01)
  • 'RocknRolla' (07/01)
  • 'Ouija - The origin of evil' (1/07)
  • 'Troll Hunter' (07/01)
  • 'Terminator 2 - Judgment Day' (07/01)
  • 'Untraceable' (07/01)
  • 'You, me, and now ... Dupree' (07/01)
  • 'The NeverEnding Story II' (07/01)
  • 'Catch that email' (07/03)
  • 'Sweet money' (07/03)
  • 'Robin Hood' (07/05)
  • 'Displaced' (07/08)
  • 'The old guard' (07/10)
  • 'The infidels' (07/15)
  • 'A fatal slip' (07/16)
  • 'MILF' (07/16)
  • 'My first kiss 2' (07/24)
  • 'Offering to the storm' (07/24)
  • 'Larva - Adventures on the island. The movie '(07/23)
  • 'Animal crackers' (07/23)
  • 'Venom' (07/25)
  • 'Hater' (07/29)
  • 'Solterísima' (07/31)

New documentaries and comedy specials on Netflix

'The Speed ​​Cubers'

Keep an eye on the inclusion policy of documentary and fictional short films on Netflix, which can give us joys like this wonderful 40-minute piece by Sue Kim that tells us about the rivalry and friendship of two young Rubik's cube champions. The documentary is introduced into the lives of both, in their similarities and differences, and in the frame of autism with which one of them lives.

  • Premiere July 31

All documentaries and comedy specials arriving in June

  • 'Reaching the Apex' (1/07)
  • 'Hurricane' (07/01)
  • 'Thiago Ventura: POKAS' (2/07)
  • 'Life Begins' (07/03)
  • 'Jim Jefferies Intolerant' (07/07)
  • 'Much Much Love: The Legend of Walter Mercado' (07/08)
  • 'Zac Efron: Down to earth' (07/10)
  • 'The drug business' (07/14)
  • 'Common cause' (07/14)
  • 'Urzila Carlson: Overqualified Loser' (07/14)
  • 'Jack Whitehall: I’m Only Joking' (07/22)
  • 'Fear City: New York vs. The Mafia '(07/22)
  • 'The Speedcubers' (07/31)

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