Exclusive: this is the GeeksPhone One

If last night we gave you all the data on the definitive model of the so-called Spanish Android phone, we have continued to work hard and today we can bring you the first exclusive images of the GeeksPhone One that is about to arrive.

First impressions are really good, even though it is not yet the definitive interface as some icons are going to be improved to make them more attractive. The design is the end, with some minor modifications, in addition to personalization with the GeeksPhone brand.

In the following photos we show you the GeeksPhone One terminal from some other angle, and although we feared a larger size, the feeling in hand is very good, with a weight and size similar to that of the HTC Magic, for example:

We like the sliding keyboard too. It comes off easily, is comfortable and does not cause the thickness of the equipment to be disproportionate. In fact you can see for yourself:

By the way, let anyone who wants a video analysis of ours from this GeeksPhone One give a shout. We listen to you.

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