Windows Mobile 2005 beta ROM leaked

For a couple of days a beta version of the next revision of the operating system has been running on the Internet to SmartPhones from Microsoft. In many forums, posted screenshots and we can get an idea of ​​the appearance ... very similar to the current Windows Mobile 2003 SE. Recall that Microsoft promised improvements at the level of the internal layers of the system (which may explain the similarity with the current version) and that the software (codename magnet) is scheduled for final release in August or September this year.

UPGRADE: Pocketnow have done a thorough beta analysis. The beta appears to have been taken from a developing version of the XDAII (HTC PH10B Himalaya) obtained (God knows how) by a group of Russian hackers. The about screen shows the following data: Microsoft Windows Mobile Version 5.0 OS 5.1.1700 (build 14326.0.0.0) ROM version: 1.50f.00WWE ROM date: 02/24/05 Radio version: 1.10.00 Protocol version 1337.18

Some more photos:

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