Firefly, an exclusive mobile for the kids in the house

Only 5 keys make up the Firefly, a mobile that does not accept video calls, which does not reach the third generation and with an aesthetic that does not convince the most demanding users, but the little ones of the house will be reachable from now on thanks to he.

Its two largest buttons are for calling mom or dad. The central button is to access the address book, which in addition to the two numbers of the parents stores another 22. And then, also with an important size, the on-hook and off-hook buttons typical for any other terminal. Its lack of functions, which on the other hand will not be missed by its users, since it is designed for children between 8 and 12 years old, is offset by a more than necessary hardness for these small beasts and some very attractive light sets for when any call comes. Calls, which for the safety of children can only be received from up to 24 possible numbers that are stored in their memory.

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