Flo TV launches to turn our mobiles into portable television recorders

Although when we learned about Qualcomm's adventure with Flo TV, I did not have much faith in the service, time is making the idea that it can work settle.

Flo TV is a service that allows you to watch television in direct streaming on an exclusive device, in the car or on mobile phones. In order to function, it does not resort to classic networks nor does it depend on a data connection, but it has its own infrastructure and signal that we can receive with a subscription.

At the NAB Show in Las Vegas they announced many improvements that should come before the end of the year. These developments have to do with the recording function of the equipment that uses the system, and the integration of social services and the Internet in the equipment. You see, televisions bringing the Internet to their screens, and telephones attracting television broadcasts.

In general, Flo TV improvements for the future will focus on several fields:

  • Greater interactivity and access to information.
  • Flexibility in payment, being able to buy daily passes of the services that interest us on time without having to be tied to a monthly subscription.
  • Recording of the program that we want with a function similar to TimeShift and that will record a program when we have coverage so that we can see it later without problems even if we do not receive the signal.

More information | Flo TV.

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