Ford Sync opens up to Android phones and Blackberry devices

Apple's iPhone will no longer have a monopoly on the latest benefits of Microsoft and Ford connected car. The vehicle's information management and operating system, Ford Sync, which we tested on a visit to the US, opens up to Blackberry devices, which was about time, and to growing Android phones.

Sync AppLink will be available in 2011 Ford Fiesta cars and will allow voice interaction with compatible applications that we can find in Blackberry and Android stores. Services such as Pandora can be installed on the phones and accessed through voice commands from the Ford Sync system console.

Since the interesting thing about that ecosystem in the car is that there is compatibility with most applications, Microsoft will help the developer community so that the compatibility with Ford Sync reaches more applications and services that we can find in these two mobile operating systems. .

The integration of useful applications and services for drivers and users of a vehicle is increasing, so being able to control and use them while driving, as long as there is security in those actions, is a priority of the vehicle brands that we will be seeing this year 2010 and especially in 2011, at which time we hope that the integration of technology in cars will be more palpable.

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