Garmin nuvifone finally goes on sale in Asia

Does anyone remember the Garmin Nuvifone already? Well, the sale is done. As you read it. After multiple introductions, delays and a lot of mystery with this adventure from the Garmin and Asus brands, their mobile phones go on sale ... in Asia. They will do so in stages between tomorrow and the end of August. In Europe it seems that we will have to wait yet another half year.

The phones that go on sale without a defined price (it will depend on each operator that takes it out in each country) are the Nuvifone G60 and the M20, small of the new family.

We have already complained bitterly on Xataka more than once about the inadequacy of these announcements and no launch Immediate product with great competition in the market. In the end the manufacturer only makes the consumer bored. Because the market is so hot that to think that someone will wait indefinitely for a product is unreal right now.

And Garmin-Asus had managed to attract attention with its Nuvifone, a touchscreen phone that is highly focused on navigation and geolocation, a key element in today's mobile phones. But you have to be faster or have more determination.

Are you not with me on this?

More information | Garmin blog.

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