Garmin and Asus, first impressions of their new Nüvifone

Garmin He went a few days to the Mobile World Congress presenting "two new models": https: // with Asus in which GPS navigation represents one of the bastions and main functions of the terminal.

Until stand We have approached to check the operation of the Garmin Asus Nüviphone A50 and of Garmin Asus Nüviphone M10, which run with Android and Windows Mobile respectively, although in both cases with an interface specially adapted by the manufacturer.

This is one of the points in favor that we have to put on these phones. Tired of seeing the standard Android interface in a lot of terminals without the manufacturer providing anything more than some extra application or minor changes, in the case of Nüvifone A50 good work shows.

The focus towards GPS navigation is seen from the outset on the home screen, where the GPS navigation and map display functions take up a large part of the available space, reserving the rest for direct access to various applications.

This shortcut can be expanded to show the full list of available applications, which can be many considering that it is based on Android. In the navigation section we find an interface that makes it difficult to distinguish this phone from a Garmin autonomous browser.

In the case of Nüvifone M10 We also find a differentiated interface that is out of the ordinary of phones equipped with Windows Mobile 6.5. As it could not be otherwise, the navigation functions also take center stage here.

And although the vast majority of terminals already offer the possibility of acting as browsers, the fact of having a prestigious brand such as Garmin giving it support makes these models suitable for those who demand much more from the classic functions.

Of course, it also has the counterpoint that all those who will not use GPS more than occasionally do not think too much about acquiring models like these.

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