GeeksPhone One continues its development: getting closer

At the end of June the Geeks’Phone One was presented, a phone developed in Spain and with the Android system as its main attraction. At XatakaMovil they went to his presentation and we already talked about him long and hard. Even, people from Geeks’Phone were answering doubts in the comments of the first post we wrote after their presentation.

Now Geeks’Phone once again shows that the One is already quite close to becoming a reality. The video you have above is the startup of Android on the device, along with a few seconds of use and operation of the system. There is also a test call.

One of the points that I liked the most in this video is that the screen, despite being resistive (like the Nokia 5800), responds really well to touch and hand movements. Let's hope that its use is more similar to that of a capacitive screen (like that of the iPhone) than that of a resistive one, since the difference is, at least from my point of view, enormous.

I remember that the launch date of the Geeks’Phone One is located in the autumn months, between September and October. For now the price remains unconfirmed, but initially they promised that it would be free around 250 or 300 euros.

More information | Geeks’Phone Blog

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