GeeksPhone One: in December, free and for 285 euros

Surprise for Christmas. Who will order a GeeksPhone One from Santa Claus? As you read in the title, it will start shipping in December and will cost 285 euros.

The characteristics are those that Javier brought us a little more than a couple of weeks ago: highlight its sliding keyboard and the 3.2-inch resistive but much improved screen, according to GeeksPhone with a quality similar to that of capacitive screens. Of course, it will carry Android although the updates will be kept by the people of GeeksPhone (that is, it is not with Google).

The terminal can now be booked on the GeeksPhone page, where they also indicate that 22 euros must be paid as a reservation. Later, in mid-November, the rest will be paid up to the 285 euros that we have mentioned.

From my point of view, the GeeksPhone One is a very good mobile, with very advanced and complete technical specifications in every way. Also, being free does not seem expensive at all, although I prefer to wait for the analysis of my partner Javier to see what he tells us. I, really, I really want.

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