GeeksPhone One, these are your final specifications

With its arrival scheduled for before the end of the year, the Geek’Phone One has modified some of its specifications before its release.

The most significant change is the inclusion of a keyboard QWERTY slider, which will involve modifying the design. The platform has also been changed, replacing the previous one from Intel and Marvell with one from Qualcomm with better energy performance. Specifically, we are talking about an ARM11 processor at 528 Mhz.

Also with the energy factor they have had to do with the topic of the television tuner, which in the end has also fallen from the final specifications of the Geeks'Phone One because it is not compatible with the current energy management system. Android. The operating system itself remains intact, with customization of the interface.

Internet access speed has been increased, now being a terminal HSDPA at 7.2 Mbps and HSUPA at 5.7 Mbps. As for the screen, its size will finally stay at 3.2 inches with WQVGA resolution. The accelerometer has also been added and the A-GPS (with SirfStar 3 SE chip) and bluetooth.

As for the dimensions, the phone remains at 110 × 55 × 14 mm and weighs 123 bouquets. The battery will have a capacity of 1110 mAh.

WiFi, 3.5mm headphone jack, stylus and 3.1 megapixel camera with autofocus complete the features of the Geek’Phone One that we can buy for free for around 300 euros and associated with some OMV And who knows if with any major operator.

More information | GeekPhone.

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