Gizmondo, all in one for a portable console for 399 euros

Definitely reminiscent of Nokia's N-Gage.Gizmondo is another all-in-one hybrid (nothing to do with the Gizmodo gadget weblog), phone-console.portable-camera.photographic-player.MP3 .... We talked about it a while ago in Xataka, (Portable Consoles. .. one more that is aimed at war), and now we already know that it will be distributed in Spain this Christmas at a price of 399 euros. On Canal PDA they review the excellence of Gizmondo: a tri-band GSM mobile phone (I know that there will be someone who complains about not being GPRS, you can't have everything!), It also plays MP3 video in MP4 format and has a locator GPS (who said you can't have everything!). The TFT screen is 2.8 inches and 240 x 320 pixels and has a USB port and Bluetooth wireless connection. It is clear that the Sony Portable PlayStation (PSP) and the Nintendo DS already have a new competitor in this device developed by a British company with the same name. One but: You only have one game, although there are a dozen more in development.

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