Google turns the Samsung Galaxy S4 into a Nexus phone

We presented it to you this morning as a possibility, and we already smelled something strange when we found Sundar Pichai showing a Samsung Galaxy S4 in an interview with Wired. All this made sense, they were preparing a version of the most important phone of the Koreans, but with an important difference: the operating system does not have customization, is a clean version of Android Jelly Bean, the one that we can find in a Nexus.

For now we only have availability information for the United States, where the June 26 for $ 649, and will be available through the Google Play Store. We also know that it is a version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 with 16 GB, with LTE connectivity.

Not only no trace of TouchWiz customization, but it has the bootloader unlocked, and logically the phone will receive the updates faster when Google itself takes over this section.

In short, the user experience that we can have with a Nexus, on one of the most desired Android phones. It will be interesting to follow its operation and availability in the market, and see if it is a new way for Google to follow, or simply an experiment.

Would you like to have the Nexus experience on an HTC One, or on the Sony Xperia Z? Is a Samsung Galaxy S4 better without Samsung customization? Questions we would like you to help us answer.

* Update *, HTC has already stated that it has no plans to make an HTC One "Google Edition"

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