Google will incorporate an automatic emergency call system in a traffic accident, but for the moment only for Pixels

We recently knew that a Spanish Apple Watch Series 4 user could have saved his life thanks to the automatic accident detection and emergency call system, and we may have seen one more case on the networks. But we may see more devices with similar mechanisms, or at least that seems to be preparing Google for the Pixels.

The company has been adding systems and possibilities for emergency information, but what has now been seen is that Google smartphones could incorporate a system analogous to the one that already works on Apple watches with an automatic call to services. relevant according to what situation occurs.

Automatic and manual warnings depending on the situation

In the absence of confirmation that it reaches more countries, what they have seen in XDA Developers is that Google is going to update the emergency app for their Pixels, so that it will include the detection of traffic accidents and an automatic call to emergency services. The manufacturer has been facilitating this call for a while by sharing location and other useful information, but with this system the Pixels will have this exclusive emergency call function.

This also began to be seen in the betas of Android 10, although in the end it seems that at least for the moment it would be an exclusive function of the Pixels. We can already see it in fact in the Play Store, which in the case of the Spanish version is called Personal Security (although it already warns that the function at the moment is only for the United States).

In this way, the automatic Google system contemplates traffic accidents (unlike what we see on the Apple Watch). In this case, the smartphone will ask the user if they need help after sounding an alarm, and in case of no response calls an emergency.

In addition to this automatic emergency call, the app has a manual warning mode so that Pixel users can notify certain contacts, and may have a preselected list. In this way, the user can ask for help from a contact without notifying the emergency services if he does not consider it necessary.

Why only the Pixels? In addition to the obvious reasons for exclusivity, the system pulls detection from the phone's sensors such as location or ambient sound. What remains to be seen is whether it goes out internationally or not, hoping that it will be another effective and useful system for emergency services.

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