Google Nexus One likes it a lot, but it is not the best. Results of the test

2292 responses after we added our survey we already bring you the results, which the truth was quite expected taking into account the commotion and the comments about the device that we have read on the net. Google Nexus One likes a lot, but it is not the best

That is the winning response, which with 35% of the votes has taken the cake. The rest of the options and the complete results are indicated below, although in general I already tell you that they are quite in favor of the Google phone:

  • It is really good, I like it a lot but it is not the best: 812 votes, 35%
  • Not bad, but it can be improved: 734 votes, 32%
  • One pass, the best mobile phone on the market: 496 votes, 22%
  • I don't like it, it has many deficiencies: 115 votes, 5%
  • They are going to sell two units: one to Larry Page and the other to Sergey Brin. Not worth anything: 83 votes, 4%
  • I keep my Motorola DynaTAC: 52 votes, 2%

Of course, there is still much to know. People are liking it a lot right now, but ... what will happen when it becomes official in a few weeks? Let's hope that Google presents us with a fantastic product, and see if it can even exceed our expectations.

In Xataka | Nexus One.

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