Google Nexus One free for $ 530 and we could have it on January 5

It is not official, but we could almost say that it is. The information comes from Gizmodo, where they have tested it and where they are adding new data about the Google Nexus One right now.

The first and most interesting will be the price. Google Nexus One free will cost $ 530, the exchange about 370 euros and logically in the United States. It is not yet known whether the real exchange rate of the euro / dollar will be applied to the rest of the world or whether we will go through the 1 € = 1$, so we will leave this information in the air a little while waiting for the good reaction.

In the United States, it will be sold under T-Mobile and a single contract of $ 80 per month, including voice, messages and data connection. With this contract and a 2-year term, the terminal will cost 180 dollars. In Spain it is not yet known which telemarketer will sell it, but the rumors point to Vodafone with great force.

To all this, let's remember the characteristics of the Google Nexus One that make it one of the most powerful mobiles on the market. All these features are not yet officially confirmed by Google itself, although several independent sources have given them the go-ahead and, in conclusion, I think we can take them for good: Qualcomm Snapdragon 1 GHz microprocessor, screen 3.5-inch, 480x800 pixel OLED, 512 MB memory expandable through MicroSD cards, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash. One feature that has yet to be confirmed is connectivity, although it most likely has 3.5G or even higher.

In Gizmodo they also point out an interesting fact, and that is that although it is not yet known for sure when it will be, Google is going to sell the Nexus One worldwide, not only in the United States. Hopefully the same day of the presentation (on January 5 Google will present "something" related to Android, blessed Magi) its final availability is confirmed.

So Google Nexus One free for $ 530. The truth does not seem to me an excessive price, although in Spain it is around 500 euros (how unfair it would be is another issue that we have already discussed above). We are talking about a terminal that combines a set of cutting-edge features, becoming a very interesting and, above all, free high-end range.

Is 300 euros or more a high price for a phone? I understand that it will depend on the person. To me it does not seem excessively expensive, because for the use that I give it and the demands that I have it would make the most of it, although of course I understand that there is a large part of the population that only makes punctual calls or sends some text messages , or that you don't mind waiting to read email or have Internet access. Google Nexus One, like many others, is a phone for the most demanding, and it should not be forgotten that price will correlate with that.

According to Gizmodo, Google will use the web to offer information and even process the purchase of the phone. Currently this website gives an error, although curiously it is a different error than it should. Come on, how white and bottled.

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