Google Nexus One, official presentation

Although many did not believe it possible or probable, the information that has been arriving in recent days left no room for doubt about the existence of the Google Nexus One, the mobile phone of the search giant with which they want to give their vision of how it should be a terminal with Android.

For this they have decided to work together and side by side with one of the most important manufacturers of Android phones, HTC, thus obtaining a terminal made to the measure of what Google wanted, even more than in other previous models such as the Motorola Droid in which Google had put a lot of hand.

Google Nexus One, specifications

Of the specifications there is not much more to highlight, after having been unveiled almost all of them previously. Despite this, it is worth giving them a review to know what this phone brings.

Outside we find a 3.7-inch touch screen, with a resolution of 800 × 480 pixels, and of type AMOLED. As a curiosity, the trackball Located at the bottom of this, it lights up in different colors to give visual information about different events (new messages, missed calls, ...).

Inside, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor gives you the power to run all kinds of applications smoothly. Light sensors, to automatically adjust brightness, and proximity are taken for granted, as well as receiver Gps, the accelerometer and the compass.

In addition, a 5 megapixel camera with a flash is added LED and a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack with four contact points. This means that it serves both as a headphone and as a microphone. The phone itself includes a pair of microphones to perform noise suppression.

All this comes in a thickness of 11.5 millimeters and a weight of 130 grams, in addition to the possibility of recording a message on the casing when we ask for it.

Not everything is hardware, Android goes further

Although the specifications of the Google Nexus One are attractive, the important thing is to have an operating system that manages to get the most out of them. The phone comes equipped with Android 2.1, the latest version of this system, which includes applications such as Google Maps with navigation, Facebook client and others that have been seen on the Motorola Droid.

In addition, the number of main screens has been increased to five, thus offering more space for widgets and shortcuts. Between the widgets We will find one to show news and another to show the current weather with location by Gps.

Another novelty is the incorporation of animated and interactive wallpapers. As an example they put the reflection of a tree in a lake, in which we will see how the leaves fall into the water forming waves or how we can touch the water to form those waves. It remains to be seen if this affects the autonomy of the terminal.

The application launcher has also been remodeled to facilitate access to these, as well as the photo display system, grouping these depending on when they have been taken, where they have been taken, ... in addition to automatically uploading them to Picasa.

Speech recognition has been added to the entire system, so that we can enter text with the voice in any field. This works, for example, in the browser Gps or in the new Google Earth that they have added to the system.

Google Nexus One, how to buy it

Google wants to detach itself a little from the operators when it comes to selling the terminals equipped with its operating system. That is why, they will do it from their own page: is the chosen site to do it.

Of course, the operators do not completely disappear in that process, since the terminal will be offered both free and with a contract. At first, it is put on sale in the United States with T-Mobile, while in Europe Vodafone will be chosen to bring the phone during the spring of this year.

So far they have not announced the prices with which it will come into our hands, but in the United States it costs $ 529 if we want it free and $ 179 if it is acquired with a two-year contract.

This store, which will sell the Nexus One to the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong Kong in the first instance, will add new models in the future, both HTC as from other manufacturers and with other operators.

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