Google could launch its own terminal with Android

Google puts the operating system Android and other manufacturers put the terminals, integration and software above the system. The operators also have their part to say in the distribution and in the characteristics of the final model. It is, more or less, the model that has been followed so far by all terminals equipped with Android.

But according to TheStreet, Google would be working on its own Android terminal, which would be distributed through stores and not through any operator. It would also come associated with the Google brand and not that of any other manufacturer, allowing the search giant to control every aspect of the mobile, from the physical to the software Which incorporates.

Although it is certainly possible that Google does something like this, the move would be as strange as Microsoft launching its own terminal based on Windows Mobile (and the "Pink project": https: // project-pink-begins-to-reveal does not count). The problem would have it with all the manufacturers that have opted for that operating system and have made it grow since it was presented.

Especially HTC has been one of the biggest drivers of Android, presenting the first models with this operating system and developing its own interface on it. How will they take it if Google makes them the competition? Although on the other hand, HTC would be the best candidate to make that mobile for Google.

Of course, it would be a movement that would turn the Android mobile market upside down, but with which I have serious doubts that Google will dare.

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