Google Voice, something important is being prepared

According to statements by Bradley Horowitz, Google's senior manager of product management, in 2010 they will work hard to break the thin line that separates mobile telephony and the Internet, and Google Voice will be the workhorse.

The recent acquisition by Google of Gizmo5, a software development company that allows Internet-based calls on mobile phones and computers, based on open standards (SIP), does nothing but give importance to this line of work.

Outside of the search engine company, we have learned that Telefónica has acquired Jajah, a VoIP provider, and BT with the software developer Ribbit, demonstrating that everyone is working on converting voice calls into an application, and it seems certain that the other operators will take this inevitable step.

Skype vitaminized

Actually Google Voice has 1.4 million users, a ridiculous figure if we compare it with the 500 million Skype in the world, a difference partly due to an important difference between the two services: Google Voice you need to have associated an operator's phone to your account for operation.

This is where Gizmo5 comes into play, since it will allow the search engine company to turn Google Voice into a service that operates like Skype, without operators, and allowing us to communicate from the PC or mobile phone via the Internet.

In addition, Google is committed to decorating the service with functionalities that are difficult to offer in a traditional way of communication, such as the integration of network contacts, a mailbox for calls, their transcription and text reading. And continuing with the company's work ideas, trying to upload everything that can go to the cloud.

Operator rates are found with Google Voice

Changes cannot happen overnight, but it occurs to me that you can start with end the limitations of flat rates, and it is that in the US there is already talk about the 500-minute rate for T-Mobile and the Nexus One: what would happen if at the end of those minutes Google Voice starts working and the operator does not charge the rest of the communications?

The answer we do not have, and what we have raised I do not think it is a viable alternative to conventional calls, but the truth is that currently there are people who are making calls from their mobile phone with the combination of Gizmo5 and Google Voice in the US, using a operator's phone only for service validation.

It seems clear that any movement in this direction will Google keep expanding its list of "friends"But this list is already an interesting topic for another article.

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