GPS Sony Ericsson HGE-100

That the evolution of GPS and mobile phones will soon be a mobile phone with GPS is not lost on anyone.

What do you see in the image above? A GPS or a speakerphone?

Well, I'm following you first. It is one of the star accessories that Sony Ericsson has presented this afternoon and that accompanies in the press release the information about the K530.

In fact, this is the first phone of the brand compatible with GPS.

The Sony Ericsson HGE-100 has, as we have said, a hands-free appearance, and that is one of its virtues. Connected to the phone, it turns into a personal browser that guides you whether you are on foot or by car, using spoken commands that do not bother anyone because they come through headphones that also work as such.

But it is also becomes your best ally when you do sports, since it keeps distance and time spent, being able to analyze the data after training. Like iPod + Nike. It is therefore excellent, if it works as it promises, along with the audio playback function of the K530.

More information | Sony Ericsson.

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