There will be universal chargers, do we believe it?

What man has not achieved, nature will achieve. Or ecology. Or the economy. Whatever, but we're glad to hear in the MWC 2009 in Barcelona that the majority of mobile manufacturers and operators are willing that in 2012 we have a single charger for all phones.

With the aim of reducing costs and problems for the environment, the big brands have decided that it is time for us to recharge different mobile phones with a single common charger. The choice is also very sensible: miniUSB port. In this way we will have a single cable to recharge and also to connect the equipment to the laptop.

The year 2012 is the date that has been set as a goal for most of the phones that come onto the market to use this type of connector to recharge them. Plus, that charger should be energy efficient, another step forward.

And while we are here, why not a truly universal one, for all gadgets? Take note for next year please.

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