Hollywood buries Motorola iTunes

Every day it seems clearer that it is not the manufacturers who are in charge of the technology business, but the content producers, Hollywood, the discographies and the company. We have spoken several times about Motorla iTunes, Motorola's 'phantom' terminal that would allow music to be downloaded from the Apple store. His presentation at the German CeBit fair was expected but nothing (the photo is a montage).

After Motorola blamed Apple for the delay, large US media have begun to reveal that the phone is still in warehouses because mobile operators like Verizon are not happy that there is a loose terminal that can exchange files directly with the PC without going through its networks. And Hollywood doesn't seem to like it either, and Walt Disney, for example, doesn't allow the mobile operators it works with to distribute content (logos, melodies, videos, etc.) to Bluetooth phones (how they control this, they don't explain it) . It is clear who is in charge here.

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