A hospital in ten days: this is how they want to build a center to treat the infected in Wuhan, and it is not the first time

Faced with the danger of overflowing health services, China has decided to build a hospital only for patients affected by the Wuhan virus. The most amazing thing is that this facility will be built in less than ten days, they say.

In their favor, it must be said that this is not the first time they have done so. In fact, in 2003 they already built the Xiaotangshan Hospital in Beijing to treat the overflowing tide of the epidemic of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), which ended the lives of several hundred people. The new hospital would be built by February 3.

How to build a hospital in less than ten days

The Chinese government has confirmed what at first seemed news fake: They are going to build a hospital with about 1,000 beds dedicated to patients of the Wuhan virus, also known as 2019-nCov. This "small hospital" in Tangshan, as the authorities have named it, aims to refer patients and corpses to a controlled area, to avoid further contagion.

How is such infrastructure work carried out? Fortunately, if you can say it like that, China already has experience in these matters. The misfortune that occurred in 2003 has given them enough experience to carry it out successfully. At that time, the Xiaotangshan Hospital in Beijing was built to combat SARG. In fact, as confirmed, the new Wuhan Hospital will be built on the same model.

Construction of the special hospital with a capacity of 1,000 beds for patients with # nCoV2019 has begun in Wuhan, according to the model of the hospital built in seven days in Beijing to deal with #SARS in 2003. The construction is scheduled to be completed by February 3. pic.twitter.com/MtVgIG0liC

- People's Daily, China (@PDChina) January 24, 2020

To do this, the machines are already running, preparing 25,000 square meters of land in a few days. Hundreds of excavators and trucks traveled for such an event, working in a coordinated manner in uninterrupted sessions. The next step, once the area has been cleared and the accesses prepared, will be to build the facility itself.

Following the same model as with the Xiaotangshan, the buildings of this new hospital will be made with prefabricated structures, using mobile plates. The necessary belongings and furniture, such as beds, bathrooms and medical instruments will also be transported in an impressive logistical effort. The goal is to be able to transfer all patients, distributed in 61 influenza clinics in the region, as well as new patients, in early February.

China already has experience with virulent influenza

As we said, China already has extensive experience with coronaviruses, such as Wuhan. This one, despite being different from other known strains, has a lot in common regarding its virulence and its way of expanding. In 2003, a SARG epidemic broke out in the country, causing hundreds of deaths and thousands of people affected.

This experience has had an important impact in the country. In the first place, the population and the Government still bear in mind the shadow of the deadly virus, which causes fear and concern. Secondly, it has given them an experience that, as we can see, is serving to contain the problem as soon as possible.

Xiaotangshan Hospital, aerial view

Although "as soon as possible" is a somewhat curious way of saying it, since almost a month has passed since the first infected. In 2003, it took two months to identify a seventh of those affected. Will we be faced with the same panorama? Given the uncertainty, China has decided to start taking preventive measures.

The first we met recently, when China decided to close Wuhan and its surroundings (six other cities) with a quarantine, isolating 20 million people. The following is the construction of this hospital in just a few days. Unlike 2003, in this case the information is also being more fluid on the part of the country, although images and information can be captured on social networks that the official media still omit. We will have to keep waiting to know everything about this virus.

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